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Electronic Cigarette Technology

In order to completely understand the many reasons to choose White Cloud electronic cigarettes, it's important that you first gain a comprehensive understanding of e cig technology and how White Cloud's approach far surpasses the industry standard.

E Cigarette Battery and Charger

Electronic Cigarette Battery and Charger

Of the thousands of electronic cigarettes on the market today, the majority use a lithium polymer, or LiPo, battery. Though all LiPo batteries utilize the same design and are constructed similarly, it is important to remember that not all batteries are created equally. Just as with any other type of battery you use to power various devices, the lifetime and function of a battery depends upon the quality of its components. If you have ever compared two or three batteries of varying brands, you have likely noted a difference in their performance, particularly if one was substantially less expensive than the others.

This fact applies to the chemistry and construction of the batteries used in e cigarettes as well. The batteries that power White Cloud cigarettes are comprised of the highest quality materials used in the e cig industry. They last longer and function more efficiently than any other LiPo battery made. While all lithium polymer batteries are rated at 4.23 volts in a fully charged state and approximately 2.7 volts when fully discharged, our batteries are engineered to precise tolerances, making them highly resistant to the cell damage that may be caused by overcharging. These advanced protection measures allow our LiPo e cig battery cells to safely and fully recharge, while our various charging options allow you to revamp your e cigarette's battery virtually anywhere, quickly and conveniently. Our revolutionary ChargeBolt charger can even safely resuscitate a battery cell that has dropped below the nominal voltage of 2.7, an unprecedented capability not seen from other brands.

Our ChargeBolt e-cigarette charger can even safely resuscitate a battery cell that has dropped below the nominal voltage of 2.7, try doing that with ANY other brand!

White Cloud ClearDraw E Cig Cartridge

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge from White Cloud

The ClearDraw cartridge designed and manufactured by White Cloud features superior technology and construction as compared to other electronic cigarettes on the market, for a number of reasons. Our company is managed differently than any other in the industry, particularly because White Cloud is completely in control of the design, the standards upheld within our factories and the quality of the components used to produce our e-cigarettes. Our commitment to superior products remains evident in every electronic cigarette cartridge we present to you, our valued customer.

Our proprietary SmoothDraw and ClearDraw cartridge design ensures that every puff delivers full-flavored, nicotine-infused vapor seamlessly and easily. Because we place the heating coil directly into the center of the cartridge, the possibility of overheating the unit or burning the user's lips is eliminated completely. In addition, the our vapor stack and silicone bell trap create an unobstructed pathway for vapor delivery, resulting in an irresistibly satisfying draw, all without the necessity for “prime puffing.”

Because we only implement a low temperature, 4 watt heating element, our cartridges are extremely burn resistant. This translates to longer cartridge life, lower battery drain per puff, no burned lips, and no burnt taste.

For more information on our cartridge technology and to learn more about the White Cloud difference, reference our How It Works page here.

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