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E Cigs Made in the USA

E Cigarettes Made in the USA?

Growing up in America we were all made aware of powerful corporations that shaped this country and exported its products to the rest of the world. As Americans we had pride. Domestic corporations were not only proud of their products, but also strived to be innovators and produce durable goods that would stand the test of time. They had research and development departments geared toward making improvements and offering the newest and best products to consumers. Every family had products from companies like General Motors, Eastman Kodak, and Maytag.

Prior to World War II, The United States was nearly a self-sufficient economy. Almost everything it consumed it produced. In order to speed the recovery of war-torn nations in Europe and Asia, trade-barriers were loosened and both companies and manufacturers found they could increase revenues and do business cheaper by expanding operations oversees. These business models have changed how consumers purchase goods and, in all likelihood, lowered expectations. By the 1980s manufacturing made up 25% of USA labor. Today this figure is halved. Our economy is now in the grips of a recession, and consumer spending is down. Corporations recognize these trends and know they must market their products to meet the needs of consumers to maintain a healthy revenue stream.

A popular and effective strategy utilized by companies today is to rally around pride. More specifically, pride in anything American made. Made In America, a segment on ABC News highlights products made in the states. Budweiser highlights factory workers in television commercials and even Hyundai, a Korean car company, showcased its new American factory in a recent Superbowl commercial.

Many companies have followed suit and use the Made in the USA moniker to their advantage any way they can. Some companies can honestly say their products are completely American made. However, many dishonestly make this claim. Marketers, especially those in the electronic cigarette industry, have gotten into the habit of using words such as "USA made e cig" to influence consumer purchases.

Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs, are considered a newer technology. Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik is credited with the invention of the modern e cig and in 2007 the company he worked for received the first international patent on the item. In this short window of time an estimated 3 million people have switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

The industry was thrust into the spotlight in the spring of 2012 when Lorillard (makers of Newport and Kent cigarettes) purchased e cig retailer Blu Cigs for $135 million. This opened the eyes of many an entrepreneur with visions of a striking it rich. Regardless of what companies tell you, regardless of their flashy online ads, regardless of where a bottle of e-juice may originate from, there is one common denominator; most current electronic cigarettes are hand-made in China. Some companies cunningly craft their marketing so as to not cross the line while others blatantly lie. Here are some examples of how some companies mislead consumers.

Misleading Claims of USA Made E Cigs

Are electronic cigarettes made in the USA?

Electronic Cigarette Flavors Made in the USA

Many e cig companies advertise that their cartomizers, or e cig cartridges, contain USA made e liquid. Other companies go a step further and claim their cartridges are made entirely within the United States. How can they be 100% American-made? If consumers knew the steps involved in the production of electronic cigarettes they would understand this is not economically viable. The e juice absolutely, positively, can be and is being produced in the USA. However, the construction of flavor cartridges, and more importantly, the filling of cartridges are most likely done in China. A domestic electronic cigarette company partners with a e juice company, that Juice Company will bottle and ship e cig juice to a factory in China and that factory will fill flavor cartridges with the juice. There is no guarantee that their juice, and only their juice, is used in the cartridges.

The federal trade commission definition of made in the USA is as follows: “made in the USA means that ‘all or virtually all’ the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing, and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin.” Companies making a Made in the USA claim without following this definition are making fraudulent claims, or in laymen’s terms, they are lying. The companies will assemble minor pieces that make up e cigarettes, package them, and test their products in the States. Some products may be designed in the United States but if it is not manufactured here it cannot be advertised as “Made in the USA.” Check for yourself, read the fine print on any e cig website or packaging that makes the e cigarettes made in USA claim and look for the word “manufactured”. In all likelihood, you will not find it.

At White Cloud, we take pride not only in our products, but also our customers. We will not sacrifice our reputation or the relationships we've spent years building, and our customer testimonials prove it. We design our products in the USA, we perform vigorous quality tests and package items in the USA, however... we will not advertise or make the claim that our products are Made in USA e cigs until it is the truth. Although this puts us at a disadvantage against the companies using these misleading tactics, we believe that transparency is more important.

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