How Do White Cloud E-Cigarettes Work?


White Cloud E-Cig Components

Our e-cigarettes have three primary components that work together for an exceptional vaping experience.

Our electronic cigarettes only take a battery, a heating element and a cartridge of flavored e-liquid to make satisfying clouds of vapor. When you inhale, the battery activates, heats the coil, and turns the e-liquid into vapor.


White Cloud offers both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes and we pack the same basic technology into both types of e-cigs.

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WATCH: If you're new to e-cigarettes, chances are you have lots of questions, starting with "How do e-cigs work?" Check out the video below for the answers.


Highest E-Cig Quality

At White Cloud, we offer high quality products at prices you can afford. From our Fling disposable e-cigarettes to our Cirrus rechargeable e-cig starter kits, all White Cloud products are carefully designed and engineered with user experience in mind.

Which type of e-cig works for you?


Electronic Cigarette Components

white cloud electronic cigarette components

Each Cirrus e-cig battery is made up of the following components:

white cloud cirrus 3x battery
  • A long lasting Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery for hours of vaping enjoyment.
  • A puff-actuated pressure sensor that automatically activates and deactivates the battery to give a user experience similar to tobacco cigarettes. This also means you have no buttons to press or accidental activations to worry about.
  • Smart chip controller ensures proper charging and discharging of your e-cig battery to ensure maximum usage time and life span.
  • A small and ergonomic shape to ensure a comfortable fit in your hand as well as your pocket or purse.

Each ClearDraw MAX e-cigarette cartridge is made up of the following components:

white cloud e-cigarette cartridge
  • Premium cotton filler to prevent the loss of e-liquid.
  • 1.5 ml of e-liquid in your choice of flavor and strength.
  • Wide window allows you to easily see how much e-liquid is left in your cartridge.
  • Heating element, which is powered by the battery and provides the right balance of battery usage and vapor production.

Rechargeable vs. Disposable

Now that you know how e-cigs work, it’s time to decide which type of e-cig will best suit your needs. From the convenience of Fling disposable e-cigs to the cost-savings of Cirrus rechargeable e-cigs, we’ve got you covered.

What E-Cig Strength Are You?

From XXTRA Strength to nicotine-free, White Cloud has 6 distinct nicotine levels to satisfy everyone from heavy smokers to occasional vapers.

Shop Our Premuim Flavors

Our premier line of electronic cigarette products offers more flavor variety than you’ll find anywhere else.

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