The costs of e-cigarettes vary from user to user, and go far beyond your bank account. White Cloud e-cigs come in different nicotine strengths and battery sizes, so one user might get hours from an e-cig, while another can get days. Also, when you consider lost time at work for smoke breaks and tobacco-smelling clothes that have to be washed more, the actual value of switching to e-cigarettes can’t be summed up with dollar signs.

Which e-cigarettes are right for you?

When it comes to e-cigs, one size does not fit all. Someone who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day is going to need a different nicotine strength than someone who smoked half of a pack. Dive into the case studies featured below and learn which will work best for you.


Regular Smoker

As a college professor who faces an hour-long commute every day, Alan typically smokes half a pack on the way to work and the same amount, if not more, on the way home.

In between classes, Alan has very little time, making every cigarette break rushed and unsatisfying.

When he switched to e-cigs, Alan wanted a kit that had enough power to get him through his day. The Cirrus II Starter Kit, with two batteries, offered the perfect solution.

Given his heavy morning and evening use, and his infrequent breaks during the day, Alan also needed long-lasting cartridges that satisfied quickly..

Alan was spending about $180 on cigarettes every month. After buying the Cirrus II Kit, he now pays less than $40 per month for cartridges, which offer more satisfaction with less use throughout his busy day.

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