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Electronic Cigarette Flavors

White Cloud is about choice. Throughout our entire lineup of electronic cigarette products, we strive to offer you more choices and variety than any other company. Nowhere is this more evident than in our growing selection of flavor cartridges.

While most e-cig companies will offer you basic, lifeless tobacco and menthol options, with litle concern of flavor, vapor or consistency, White Cloud not only exceeds this paltry total, but practically creates its own market with 19 flavor choices, 6 nicotine strengths, and even more options coming soon! 

Tobacco Flavors

Regular– Our first flavor has never disappointed over the years. The rich and toasted tobacco taste will remind many of classic American cigarettes.

Apache – This tobacco flavor is very bold and caters to smokers who choose filter-less cigarettes or prefer to smoke tobacco from a pipe.

Bora Bora – This mild flavor is a cured tobacco blend and has a hint of spice.

Atlantic-Cut – A flue-cured tobacco flavor with hints of Canadian rye whiskey, caramel, apple, and maple.     

Menthol Flavors

Menthol – This minty, crisp flavor will refresh your taste buds with hint of eucalyptus.

Iced Berry – Sweet and refreshing. It is like having a bowl of fresh wild berries on a hot summer day, with an icy chill. 

Snap – You will find this combination of frosty mint and dark chocolate completely satisfying.

Zero K – This flavor is two things: bold and cold. A blast of peppermint will cool off any cravings you may have.


Fruit Flavors

StrawberryIndulge and refresh your taste buds with the taste of garden fresh berries. Cravings of shortcake and ice cream will follow. 

Bad AppleCrisp and delicious, vaping with this each day will keep your cravings away.

Peach PitIt has all the flavor you would expect from a ripe and juicy Georgia peach minus the pit and the fuzz.

Lime & CoconutJust like the song says, when you mix the lime and the coconut you will feel better. This flavor will evoke happy thoughts of cocktails on tropical islands and stress-free weekends away from the office.

Banana – You will answer the call of your sweet tooth when you indulge in the sweet and creamy flavor of Mother Nature’s perfect fruit.


Exotic Flavors

Vanilla – Warm, rich, creamy and sweet, our Vanilla flavor is anything but plain.

ChocolateVery smooth and very decadent, you will think you are vaping hot cocoa.

Espresso – If the aroma of hand-harvested slow-roasted coffee makes your mouth water this flavor will appeal to you morning, noon and night. 

Kick – Why is this flavor called Kick? When you taste the mixture of warm honey and sweet cinnamon you will understand.

CinThis fiery blend of cinnamon is big on taste and will remind you of a stick of chewing gum. 

Clove – This bold and rich flavor will warm you from the inside with its spicy blend. You will be reminded of smoking the finest Indonesian cigarette at 1/10 of the cost. 


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