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ClearDraw Cartridges

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    What are ClearDraw and ClearDraw2 cartridges?

    ClearDraw is our line of cartridges. Each contains e-liquid, a capsule to hold the e-liquid, and a vaporizer. The vaporizer heats the ingredients to produce the smoke-like vapor you see when you inhale and exhale.

    The original ClearDraw cartridges featured a soft, pliable exterior, and was our first cartridge to contain a viewing window for monitoring e-liquid level within the cotton wadding. They are available in different nicotine strengths and flavors.

    The ClearDraw2 cartridge is our most advanced to date. Featuring a filler-free, micro-tank design and a larger e-liquid capacity, it offers better flavor and more value to customers.

    Click here to see a truly in-depth look at our cartridges.

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    How long will one cartridge last?

    Cartridge longevity depends on the user. Some users will puff longer and more frequently. Others will use it more sparingly, which could allow a cartridge to last longer.

    If used in the same manner as a traditional cigarette, a ClearDraw or ClearDraw2 cartridge should last throughout an average day. 

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    When do I replace the cartridge?

    When less flavor and vapor is released as you inhale and exhale (on a fully charged battery), it's time for a new cartridge. If less flavor and vapor is released even after you have replaced the cartridge, it's time to recharge the battery.

    Additionally, if you see no e-liquid remaining in the viewing window, and/or are experiencing slightly burnt taste, the cartridge is ready to be replaced.

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    I bought the wrong cartridges, can I return them?

    For original ClearDraw cartridges, if the package’s cellophane seal has not been broken, you may return cartridges by contacting our Customer Service team. Because of our stringent safety precautions, unsealed packages cannot be returned.

    For ClearDraw2 cartridges, if the pouch’s primary seal has been opened, even slightly, we cannot accept returns. 

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    I'm not getting any vapor from my cartridge. Why?

    • If it's a new ClearDraw or ClearDraw2 cartridge, try it on a different battery. On rare occasions a cartridge may work on one battery, but not another.
    • Check your cartridge’s viewing window to see the remaining e-liquid level. It may be completely used and it's time to put on a new cartridge.
    • You may not have the cartridge completely attached to the battery. Please be sure the cartridge is snug on the battery, but be careful not to over-tighten.
    • The cartridge may be defective. Please return it to our warranty department using our Cartridge Claim Form.

    All cartridges sent are tested. If they are found to be defective, we will replace them for you. You must return them first before you can receive a replacement. Retail locations cannot replace cartridges.

    If you throw your cartridges away, we cannot replace them. Any defective cartridges must be returned before you can receive a replacement.

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    How could my cartridge be defective?

    White Cloud ClearDraw Cartridges undergo a 9 step assembly by hand. They contain 10 different components that must be assembled precisely! When thousands of cartridges are assembled, there are 10 different components and 9 different processes where something could go wrong. There are a small percentage that may have only one of those components or processes fail, and the cartridge will not operate properly.

    There are also 4 different quality control checks to ensure that the number of defective cartridges is very, very small.

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    Can I refill my White Cloud ClearDraw Cartridges?

    White Cloud ClearDraw and ClearDraw2 cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Refilling cartridges usually results in overfilling them. This overflow eventually seeps down into the components of the battery. When liquid comes in contact with the electrical components, that component becomes inoperable due to a short circuit.

    This overflow also leads to the top of the battery becoming clogged in areas that require air flow. When air flow is restricted it becomes very hard, or impossible, to pull vapor through your e-cig.

    Refilling cartridges will void your warranty. You will need to purchase another battery if your battery fails due to refilling.

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    How do I choose the correct ClearDraw cartridge strength?

    Please see our Nicotine Strength Comparison Chart to help determine the best nicotine strength for your smoking style and nicotine needs.

    You can also choose single cartridges to test different flavors and strengths.

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    What do the abbreviations on the ClearDraw cartridges mean?

    They indicate the strength and flavor of your SmoothDraw cartridge.

    Strength Flavors
    XX = Double Extra Strength R = Regular (Tobacco)
    X = Extra Strength M = Menthol
    F = Full Strength V = Vanilla
    L = Light C = Chocolate
    UL = Ultra-Light E = Espresso
    NF = Nicotine Free CL = Clove
      K = Kick (honey and cinnamon)
      S = Strawberry
      SP = Snap (Mint Chocolate)
      MM = Moscow Mule (Ginger and Lime)
      LC = Lime and Coconut
      BB = Bora Bora (Mild Tobacco)
      A = Apache (Bold Tobacco)
      D = Diablo (Fiery Pepper)
      AC = Atlantic Cut (Tobacco)
      ZK = Zero K (Icy Menthol)
      IB = Iced Berry
      PP = Peach Pit
      BA = Bad Apple
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    Do White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes have nicotine?

    Yes, unless you choose a nicotine-free cartridge or Fling Disposable e-cig. We have the widest range of strength options in this category, allowing you to choose the level of nicotine that's right for you:

    • Double Extra Strength
    • Extra Strength
    • Full Strength
    • Light
    • Ultra-Light
    • Nicotine-Free 

    The Nicotine-Free cartridges allow you to satisfy the physical habit of smoking even if you've kicked the nicotine habit. Please see our Nicotine Strength Comparison Chart to help determine the best nicotine strength for your smoking style and nicotine needs. 

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    What percentage of nicotine is in each strength?

    Double Extra = 5.4%
    Extra Strength = 3.6%
    Full Strength = 2.4%
    Light Strength = 1.6%
    Ultra Light Strength = 0.8%
    Nicotine Free = 0.0%

Warranty and Defective Products

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    What is your defect guarantee?

    If you receive a White Cloud cartridge or Fling that doesn’t produce vapor, send them back to us, and we’ll replace them for free, with no hassle. 

    Just download the cartridge and Fling claim form fill it out and return it with your cartridge or Fling to:

    Warranty Department
    PO Box 1194
    Tarpon Springs, Fl 34688

    For complete details see our Defect Guarantee.  We also highly recommend you contact us to receive an RMA number for expedited processing.

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    What is my warranty?

    White Cloud provides a 6-month manufacturer warranty against defects on all batteries, chargers and adapters. You can purchase our 2-Year Extended Warranty which will provide you with two full years of coverage and hassle free exchanges at any one of our locations.

    Please Note: Cirrus 3X Starter Kits come with a 2-Year Extended Warranty.

    For complete details please see our warranty information page.

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    Can I have my warranty items replaced at one of your retail locations?

    You can only perform warranty exchanges at a retail location if you have the 2-Year Extended Warranty. This is part of your Assured Warranty benefits.

    You can purchase this warranty at any retail location, online, or by calling Customer Service at 866-492-6310.

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    My battery/charger doesn't work, what do I do?

    The first thing to do is some troubleshooting:

    1. Make sure your battery is fully charged
    2. Check your USB charger indicator light. When the charger is plugged into a USB port, the light should be blue (no battery attached). When you attach a depleted battery, the light on the USB charger should turn red. If the light does not turn red, try a different depleted battery. If the light turns red with a different battery, then your first battery may be defective. If the light still does not turn red, then your charger may be defective.
    3. Plug your charger into a different power source and try these steps again. If this step does not fix the problem, then your charger needs to be replaced.
    4. If you are not getting vapor from your battery, make sure you are not using a depleted cartridge by trying a different cartridge.

    If you have determined that some of your equipment is defective, please see our warranty page for details on having these items exchanged.

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    I have tried all the troubleshooting tips and I need an item exchanged, now what do I do?

    If you have determined that you need a battery or charger replaced, please download the Warranty Exchange Form and return your defective equipment to the warranty department. We do our best to test your equipment and replace defective items as soon as we can, but please allow us 7-10 days.

    White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes
    P.O. Box 1194
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

    Please Contact Us to obtain and RMA number to expedite your exchange.

Products and Operation

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    Do White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes have nicotine?

    Yes, unless you choose a nicotine-free SmoothDraw™ cartridge. You may choose the level of nicotine that's right for you: Double Extra Strength, Extra Strength, Full Strength, Light, Ultra-Light and No-Nicotine. The nicotine-free cartridges allow you to satisfy the physical habit of smoking even if you've kicked the nicotine habit!

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    Do I need to turn my E-cigarette on and off?

    No, there is no on/off switch to worry about. Your e-cig automatically activates when you draw air through it. Once the Smart Chip senses air movement, it activates. This is indicated by the LED on the tip of the e-cig.

    When you are not using your White Cloud e-cigarette, it goes into standby mode and preserves its battery life. 

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    What is the difference between the Cirrus and your competitors?

    Read this article to see why our products outshine the competition.

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    What is the size and weight of the battery?

    Please view the battery size/weight comparison chart on all of our e-cig models, it lists the size and weight of each.


    Size Comparison

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    How long do the batteries last?

    Specifics on battery life can be found in this battery life Comparison Chart.

  • 6

    I want to try your product before I buy, do you offer anything disposable or a free trial?

    We do offer Fling Disposable Electronic Cigarettes in several strengths and flavors. They provide an inexpensive way to see how long-lasting and satisfying White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are.

Website and Online Ordering

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    I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

    Please use the lost password link on the sign in page. You will receive an email with a token and instructions for resetting your password.

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    I tried the lost password link and the token doesn't work, or I never got an email with the token.

    Please contact us so we can manually reset your password for you.

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    Do you take checks?

    Yes, we do accept checks, but only by calling our Customer Service team at 866-492-6310. You can place an order by phone and your order will ship after your check is received and the funds are cleared by your bank.

    You will receive an email with a receipt the day you place your order and a shipment notification the day it ships.

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    Do you save my credit card information?

    No, we do not save credit card information. Your information is protected by two levels of security encryption, and you will need to enter it each time you place an online order, or when placing an order by phone.

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    I'm trying to check out but I keep getting an error code from "Cybersource".

    1. Most errors are due to the billing information on your account not matching the credit card you are using. Be sure that your billing information is entered correctly, all fields are filled in, and that this information matches the credit card being used exactly.
    2. Your CVV code (the 3 numbers on the back of your card) do not match the card you are using.
    3. Call your credit card company to be sure your available balance or per purchase limit is high enough to cover your purchase.
    4. Large international purchases may not be approved. Please email Customer Service for additional assistance.
    5. Repeated attempts (2 or more) may block your card from allowing further purchases. This is a security feature used by your credit card company to avoid fraudulent transactions. Please call your credit card company to let them know that you are trying to use your card, and that you have been having trouble. They may be able to remove any blocks immediately.
    6. If your card returns a decline, please do not use the same card again. When your credit card company declines a purchase, they automatically put a hold on those funds. We do not process any orders that have been declined or produce an error, therefore the charge will not be sent to your credit card. This hold will drop off your account within the time frame set by your credit card agreement, usually 1-3 business days, however please call your credit card company for their policy. We cannot take "holds" off your card, this can only be done by your bank.
    7. For any other problems, please contact Customer Service for additional assistance.
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    Why doesn't my coupon code work?

    • Coupon codes are not case sensitive, but please be sure you are entering the code exactly the way it was sent to you. Also, watch out for characters that can look similar such as the letter "I" and the number "1", or the letter "O" and the number "0". It is best to copy and paste the coupon code when sent by email.
    • Your code may have been a one-time use coupon and you have already used it!
    • Be sure you have added the correct product or quantity to your cart that the code corresponds to. Most codes are for a specific product, be sure that you have added everything to your cart first before applying any codes.
    • Be sure you clicked the "Submit" button after entering your code.
    • Coupons or specials cannot be combined with other offers. You can only use one coupon code per order.
    • Use this link to sign up for White Cloud E-Cigarette Coupons


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    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship all over the world. Just use the drop down menu to select your country during checkout. You can find more details about international shipping on our Shipping Information page.

  • 2

    Can I ship to a military address?

    Yes! We support our troops and your shipping is Free! Please use the country as "military address". in the shipping address fields (you will need to add a shipping address to do this).  Please make sure to enter the zip code as well.

    Visit our shipping page for more information.

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    I'm traveling and need to place an order, can you still ship to me?

    Of course, just enter the shipping address for where you are currently located. If you are staying at a hotel/motel, be sure to enter the establishment's name in the "Company Name" field. You can also call 866-492-6310 to place your order over the phone and for additional assistance.

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    What shipping options do you offer?

    Please see our Shipping Information page for all shipping options and other shipping information.

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    How long does it take for my package to arrive ?

    For USPS customers, all orders received before 4pm ET, Monday-Friday, will ship the same day. Orders received after 4pm on Fridays, or during the weekend, will ship the following Monday, excluding holidays.

    For UPS customers, orders received before 6pm ET, Monday-Friday, will ship the same day. Orders received after 6pm Eastern on Fridays, and on the weekend, will ship the following Monday, excluding holidays.

    Please Note: Some International orders may not ship the same day.

    Please visit our Shipping Information page for additional information.

    Sign up for UPS My Choice to track your package, set up delivery alerts, reroute your package and more.

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    Do you have an automatic shipping plan for cartridges?

    We do not offer an automatic shipping plan and will never automatically charge your card or send product. You will always need to place an order and provide payment information when you wish to order additional products.

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    How do I track my order?

    Order tracking is available through your customer account page.

    1. Simply use the login link located at the top of our web site.
    2. Click "VIEW ORDER" from the dashboard.
    3. Click the "TRACK YOUR ORDER" link below the Billing Address.
    4. A new window should pop up with your tracking information.
    5. If you chose UPS as your shipping option, you can sign up for UPS MyChoice to schedule deliveries and get shipment notifications.

    Order Tracking

Customer Service

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    When are our hours?

    Customer Service is available to take your call or answer emails from 9am-5pm ET, Monday through Friday. Although we normally respond quickly, there are times when we experience heavy phone and email volume.

    If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a voicemail, and be assured that we respond to every message. Also, please be sure to leave us your name and phone number, including area code.

  • 2

    What is your return policy?

    Please see our Terms and Conditions to view the entire return policy.

    Please Note: Return policies at retail locations differ from the online and phone order policy. Return policies are posted at each retail location and on the bottom of your receipt. Ask a White Cloud associate to point them out!

Additional Info

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    When will I receive a coupon or special?

    Coupons and special offers are sent out periodically. You will be notified of most specials by email. Please be sure your email listed in your online account as well as your retailer is accurate! You should also add to your address book to be sure these specials are not sent to your spam or junk mail folder.

    Exclusive discounts, offers and product information are now also available from our monthly e-newsletter, the White Cloud Insider. It’s completely free to subscribe.

    You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see special promotions and coupons. Simply click the icons on the top of the site to visit our pages.

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    Why smoke an e-cigarette? What are they made for?

    Save Money

    Smoking is expensive. Our competitively priced kits and disposables allow you to start using top-quality e-cigs on almost any budget, while ClearDraw2 cartridges give you more liquid, longevity and value than any competing products, so you enjoy more and spend less.

    Stay Social

    Gone are the days when offensive odors, messy ash, and lingering smoke force you outside when a craving strikes. Enjoy the satisfaction of smoking without worrying about smells, burns or fire.

    Cut the Chemicals

    Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that have nothing to do with the delivery of nicotine. Our e-cigarettes bypass many of the riskiest facets of being a smoker by delivering nicotine in vapor that only contains a small number of ingredients.

  • 3

    Are White Cloud products safe?

    White Cloud electronic cigarettes contain the following ingredients:

    • Propylene glycol (found in mouthwash, food coloring, and other consumables)
    • Vegetable glycerin
    • Nicotine (optional) 
    • Flavoring

    You may also view a more detailed description of our ingredients here: Ingredients List.

    White Cloud makes no claims that the electronic cigarette will cure a smoker’s addiction to nicotine; the electronic cigarette serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette - to deliver nicotine. If you do suffer from Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence and want to take steps to give up smoking or cut down the quantity of cigarettes you currently smoke, we recommend you visit your health care provider to discuss NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm reduction program.

    Please note: We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products.

  • 4

    Will White Cloud Cigarettes help me quit smoking?

    White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are not sold for smoking cessation purposes. White Cloud has chosen not to conduct the clinical studies necessary for FDA approval as a "smoking cessation device." These studies alone cost nearly $5 million and take about 4 years to complete.

    This action would increase our product cost ten-fold. They are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. With White Cloud e-cigs, you'll never need to empty ash trays, smell like smoke, or stand outside in the cold or heat to have a cigarette. Many places allow electronic cigarettes where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed.

    White Cloud e-cigs do come in different nicotine strengths, including a nicotine-free option, to suit your needs.

  • 5

    Are e-cigarettes "fake"?

    White Cloud e-cigarettes are not fake. They're just different from what smokers and non-smokers are used to. With White Cloud e-cigarettes, you inhale real nicotine and get the same satisfaction that you would from tobacco cigarettes. The "smoke" you see when you exhale is actually a water-based vapor that looks like tobacco smoke.

  • 6

    What is the "smoke" released by inhaling and exhaling White Cloud E-Cigarettes?

    The "smoke" from a White Cloud e-cigarette is actually a water-based vapor. It looks like cigarette smoke, but has no odor and dissipates without residue. In addition, it won't stain your teeth, fingers, furniture or walls.

  • 7

    Are White Cloud Cigarettes for everyone?

    White Cloud Cigarettes should only be used by adults of legal smoking age, as designated by law. Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions or allergic reactions to nicotine, PG or VG, should avoid using them or consult their doctor first.

    White Cloud Cigarettes are for those who currently smoke tobacco and should not be used if you are currently a non-smoker.

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