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Type electronic cigarette coupons in any search engine and you will quickly realize one thing; the Internet is full of websites offering reviews and discounts for electronic cigarettes. In all likelihood, these sites are discovered while searching for a specific company’s coupon after you decided to make a purchase. Did you find it peculiar that one website will not only offer a White Cloud Cigarettes coupon but also a discount for a competitor? The overwhelming majority of these coupon sites are not owned or operated by the electronic cigarette companies themselves, but by independent, third party individuals that earn a percentage of each sale they produce. These sites are interested in making as many sales for as many different companies as possible and aside from that have little interest in electronic cigarettes. Many times the information on the sites is not current and the electronic cigarette coupons they offer have expired. Some of these sites list e cigarette companies that are no longer in business. In a perfect world these sites would be unbiased and rank the electronic cigarette companies based on performance and customer feedback, unfortunately they are little more than a ranking of commission structure.

The purpose behind a company offering a coupon is because they want customers to take advantage of them. When people look for a White Cloud Electronic Cigarette coupon the intent is for the most up-to-date and enticing offer to be found and redeemed.  

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