What is Vaping?

The Difference Between Vaping and E-Cigs

May 12, 2017

Apples and Oranges or Just a Bunch of Bananas?

We have a great many questions, comments, and conversations from our valued customers who come to us here at White Cloud. Lately, we have heard quite a few folks bring up vaping and e-cig use as completely separate things. But are they? Or aren’t they? Well, let’s sit back with a coffee, tea or sparkling beverage of your choice and see what the differences may be.

What is Vaping?

Vaping Mods

It appears that many folks consider vaping strictly as the use of larger tank and mod systems where one must maintain the coils and refill the liquids manually.

It also seems that current parlance describes e-cig use as something akin to the majority of what White Cloud offers: batteries and pre-filled cartridges, or pre-filled disposable products, which look like a traditional cigarette when in use and require no manual filling or maintenance of coils. These are often called ‘cig-a-like’ products in the industry.

We can only imagine the world of confusion those who are new to e-cigarettes may encounter. The innovation of the industry has resulted in tons of different products to choose from – all in different shapes, sizes, and colors – so it’s no wonder why the inexperienced get vaping terminology wrong.


The delivery systems do have their differences, though. The tank systems are generally larger (sometimes a great deal larger) than White Cloud cig-a-likes, have larger apertures to puff from, offer a boxier and bulkier body design, will operate at higher temperatures (which accounts for the larger vapor output) and will generally offer a variety of settings to fine tune the temperature and vapor output. These systems usually require the pushing of a button which then causes the liquid to heat up and turn into vapor.

White Cloud products (and cig-a-likes in general) tend to be a bit more elegant and simple with no settings or dials and come with a sleeker and less obtrusive design that works with prefilled cartridges. They also operate at lower temperatures and generally have a smaller aperture to puff from.

While the form in both of these types of products is quite different, the function is basically the same. The liquid is heated via a battery to produce the vapor we inhale. In fact, the term “vape” was named the International Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries back in 2014 and was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015. So, if you Google “What does the term vape mean?”, you will see this:

Vape Definition

And, when it comes to vaping laws – including the FDA’s vaping regulations – the laws apply to any device that heats e-liquid to produce vapor for inhalation, regardless of whether it is a cig-a-like, vape pen, or open tank system.

Now let’s look at a real world example: if you’re at the wheel of a Ford or a Buick, your experience may vary by different degrees but either way you are still driving. The same goes for the subject at hand: whether you are using a cig-a-like (like a White Cloud disposable or rechargeable) or using a larger tank and mod system, you are still vaping or using an e-cig – perhaps, cig-a-vaping? In any case, it would still be the same process even though the steering wheel is a bit different.

I hope that clears up any confusion about industry terminology. And, of course, we are always happy to hear your thoughts!

Happy cig-a-vaping!