E-cig Study Less Addictive

Study: E-cigs Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco

February 19, 2015

A December, 2014 e-cig study from the Penn State College of Medicine revealed that e-cigs are less addictive than tobacco. The findings were published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, which describes itself as, “…one of the world’s few peer-reviewed journals devoted exclusively to the study of nicotine and tobacco.”

Just the e-cig facts, ma’am

I know. You are a vaper, and you know e-cigs are less addictive than cigarettes. You don’t need a study to tell you that – but it’s important that you look at the science relating to electronic cigarettes critically so you can be an informed and empowered consumer and advocate.

Among other findings, the Penn State e-cig study revealed that:

  •  E-cig users are more likely to wait longer for their first vape of the day
  •  Fewer e-cig users wake in the middle of the night to vape than smokers who wake to smoke
  •  Only about 25 percent of e-cig users felt irritable and anxious without their e-cig, as opposed to the 90 percent of smokers who felt the same way without their cigarettes

This recent study also shows that in the short term, e-cigarettes are no more addictive than nicotine patches or gum. In the longer-ish term (more than 3 months), e-cigarette users appeared to be less dependent on e-cigs than those using the patch or the gum.



E-Cigs Less Addictive than Tobacco: Study

E-cig study falling on deaf ears?

The Penn State study was released last year, but it was largely dismissed by anti-e-cig groups. E-cigs being less addictive than cigarettes doesn’t jibe with their unwavering narrative that e-cigs are the most dangerous thing since Mikey chased a handful of Pop Rocks with Coke. Heck, California produced an e-cig “fact sheet” that makes e-cigarettes look like the boogeyman. It’s so willfully wrong, it should be considered satire.

Addiction Study: Conclusion and Notes

The e-cig study conclusion & notes

The conclusion of the study says that e-cigarettes are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes (duh) and that they are “as or less addictive” than nicotine gum (another duh), which the study does not consider as terribly addictive. The authors of the study noted that e-cigs are far less harmful than tobacco, and that, in light of these results, e-cigs need to be studied more as a smoking cessation device.

Scientific Evidence - E Cigarette Addiction

The proof is in the people

Forget click bait, sexy Twitter posts and inane shouting on Facebook. Those of us who use e-cigarettes don’t need a study to tell us that e-cigarettes are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes – but having science on our side will always be a good thing. Do yourself a favor and dig into the Penn State e-cig study. The information is fascinating and it will help you be more informed with some actual science behind the skyrocketing e-cig industry.