Pharmacies Selling Tobacco

Pressure On Pharmacies To Stop Selling Tobacco Products

September 20, 2013

Trending: Keeping Pharmacies From Selling Tobacco

As of summer 2013, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. was approximately seven dollars, including nearly three dollars of taxes. In New York, the state with the highest average price, you’d need to shell out about $14.50 for a single pack.

The ultimate cost of smoking cigarettes is more substantial than that, according to the American Lung Association. The amount associated with premature death alone tops out at approximately $117 billion every year, with the total cost to state economy reaching over $301 billion.

In an attempt to reduce these numbers and persuade more smokers to quit, lawmakers from key states are trying to stop pharmacies from selling tobacco products.

The Argument for Tobacco-Free Pharmacies

As providers of health care to their communities, pharmacies are trusted sources of medical services, advice and information. Proponents of anti-smoking campaigns state that selling tobacco products within such an establishment is inherently contradictory to its purpose.

Examples of the types of stores with integrated pharmacies that would be prohibited from selling tobacco include Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Kroger, among other chain grocery stores.

Advocates of the plan encourage reduced availability, stating that fewer stores stocked with cigarettes would scale down the number of smokers, specifically those that are underage. Massachusetts and California have already adopted the ban on tobacco sales within pharmacies.

According to their municipal legislature, curtailing underage smoking is a primary priority for the Massachusetts Medical Society, as is reinforcing the standard that pharmacies are institutions of health and wellness.

E Cigs: The Tobacco Alternative of the Future

In addition to the growing number of U.S. pharmacies clearing their shelves of cigarettes, taxes on tobacco products continue to increase consistently every year. Even committed smokers who have been hooked for decades are beginning to search for an answer to the problem that’s burning a hole in their pocketbooks.

As this trend progresses, more smokers are making the choice to kick the habit for good and are turning to tobacco-free electronic cigarettes.

E cigs are significantly less expensive than their traditional counterparts and can be purchased online as well as in stores. They satisfy even the cravings for nicotine and fulfill the physiological need to inhale puffs of vapor, all without combustion, tar or smoke. Try our e-cigarette calculator at the bottom of our home page to check how much you can save.

With the average price of tobacco cigarettes at an all-time high and the economic impact in the realm of health care, making the informed decision to switch to e cigarettes has never been easier. The eventual reduction of tobacco availability across the country makes the smart choice even clearer.

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