An Explanation of Nicotine Measurements


When purchasing an electronic cigarette, one decision a consumer must make is which strength of nicotine is best suited for them. E cig companies market their cartridges in different ways and this can lead to some confusion. White Cloud uses a percentage (Light Strength = 1.6%), while other companies use milligram or MG (High Strength = 16 MG). This leads to the question, which unit of measurement should be used?

Milligrams are a measurement of weight. Since e cig cartridges are filled with fluid, they should be listed in milliliters or ML. The unit used for measuring the nicotine in e cigarettes should be a percentage. Percentages are true to what is being measured. It is a PBV, or percentage by volume; very similar to how beer and liquor companies measure the alcohol in their product, which is ABV, or alcohol by volume. A certain beer will be marketed as 5.4% ABV which means 5.4% of the entire bottle/can/keg of beer is alcohol. The remaining 94.6% is other ingredients. One White Cloud SmoothDraw cartridge in Full Strength is 2.4% nicotine. The remaining 97.6% consists of water, PG/VG, and flavoring.

The reason e cig companies use MG as a unit of measurement is because the manufacturers in China use it. It is easy to convert the MG measurement to a percentage.

       China                                       White Cloud

Cartridge   = 1000 MG                   Cartridge   = 1000 ML

Nicotine     = 16 MG                        Nicotine     = 1.6%

It is untrue to use MG. You can’t measure the amount of nicotine consumed by weight. When using a % it is more accurate. With each puff off an e cig the smoker is inhaling 1.6% nicotine. Regardless if it is puff number 1 off a new cartridge or the last drag, the person will consume 1.6% nicotine.


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