Exploding E Cig: Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?


CBS Los Angeles recently interviewed a couple from Corona, California, regarding an incident in which a VapCigs electronic cigarette exploded while charging in their car. The explosion resulted in second-degree burns on the wife’s legs and serious damage to their vehicle’s upholstery. In a similar news story by KUTV in Utah, a woman reports burning her fingers when her e cig, called The Tank, caught fire in her vehicle. Rick Epp, a 30-year smoker, had recently switched to The Tank electronic cigarette when he states that it caught fire in his living room. It should be noted that, in the latter two stories, the product manufacturer found that the products involved were not being used with the chargers supplied with the units as directed in the owner’s manual.

Stories like these seize the attention of a broad audience and elicit an array of complex emotions, and with good reason. As a population of consumers, we tend to instantly empathize with others when they endure a sudden, traumatic experience with a product they trusted to be safe. It is crucial, however, to remember that stories such as these largely ignore the bigger picture when it comes to electronic cigarettes and damage in general, both to health and personal property. While it’s easy for the media to focus on a few isolated incidents involving exploding e cigs and to foster a sense of fear or distrust among the public, it’s important to point out the facts behind the real damage caused by cigarettes and other common items we use every day. How many wild fires, for example, have been caused by the careless toss of a cigarette butt? How many millions of dollars are spent every year treating young children for illnesses caused by inhaling secondhand smoke? Consider other products we call safe only to see on recall lists from time to time. From top brand peanut butter contaminated with salmonella to supposedly healthy greens tainted with e. coli, nothing out there can claim to be 100 percent safe 100 percent of the time. Even infant formula should be, without question, one of the safest products out there, and yet it has occasionally been found to contain metal shavings. The only things any company can do is strive to uphold superior standards of quality and continue to improve their processes as their industry grows.

Though unfortunate incidents such as those described above have been reported on rare occasions (less than once per year on average), statistically speaking, using electronic cigarettes still poses a potential threat far lower than the alternative: using a tobacco product proven to be lethal in even small doses over time. Every year, tens of millions of lives are lost to tobacco-related illness and disease.  Since their introduction to the American market in 2007, millions of people have tried electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes for a variety of reasons.

Since their introduction to the American market in 2007, electronic cigarettes have helped millions of smokers by providing an alternative to tobacco. To put it in even greater perspective, consider the fact that, in the next hour, approximately 50 people will die due to smoking or exposure to the toxic ingredients in cigarette smoke. Conversely, not a single person has died from using an e cigarette.

As with any new product or technology, research into overall improvement must continue in order to ensure optimal function and safety. Currently, exploding e cigarettes have only been reported in cases of tank and mod types, and the problem typically occurs when the product is used improperly or with an unapproved charger. Though White Cloud does not manufacture these types of e cigs, we do strongly recommend using the charger that comes with your product. This will not only maintain maximum battery life, it could keep you out of harm’s way.


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