E Cigarette Bans: Vapers Need To Take Action

E Cig Bans- Vapers Need To Take Action

A proposed electronic cigarette ban will be the topic of a public hearing on the 5th November at the Vero Beach City Council in Florida.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives, or CASAA, is calling out to electronic cigarette users throughout the state of Florida. They’re asking that we do our part to keep vaping accessible and e-cigs out of the category labeled “tobacco products.”

What You Can Do

It’s time to show the mayor and city council in Vero Beach that members of the vaping community do have a voice. As an advocate of responsible e cigarette use and fair regulation, you can make your opinions known from now until November 5th.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions:

  • Write a letter of opposition, pointing out misinformation and debunking the myths in the proposed ordinance
  • Personally attend the City Hall meeting to deliver your testimony against the usage ban
  • Encourage the spread of factual information regarding electronic cigarettes and their use to other members of the community
  • Tell your personal story, explaining how e cigarettes have changed your life for the better
  • Offer a reliable resource of accurate information concerning electronic cigarettes and their use via CASAA.org

CASAA reminds the public that in any correspondence with city officials, respectful, intelligent and well-composed speech is most likely to succeed in making a point.

Reasonable, Responsible Opposition

Perhaps the most beneficial thing you can do to help stop this usage ban from going into effect involves openly conceding to the reasonable portion of the proposal.

When you convey that you’re willing to compromise for the greater good, those hearing your testimony should be significantly more likely to listen.

To do this, make sure it’s known from the start that you agree wholeheartedly with and fully support a ban that prevents e cig sale to minors.

Express that an all-encompassing usage ban, however, could actually prove detrimental to individuals who rely solely on e cigarettes to help them avoid smoking tobacco.

Even if you’re unable to attend this public hearing or if you aren’t from this particular area, remember that you can make a difference when it comes to the public opinion of electronic cigarettes.

Take action and let your voice be heard!

Have you ever had to set the record straight when it comes to electronic cigarettes?

Tell us how you stand up for your right to vape in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!


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