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E-Cig Ingredients: We have the information you requested, CHIDONT


As first reported by vaping news site, CHIDONT, a Chicago-based anti-tobacco campaign, released an ad implying electronic cigarette companies don’t make ingredient info available. The ad, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can’t be reprinted here … Read More

E-Cigarettes and Travel: Good news from the TSA (with one exception)

Airport Security-TSA

Finally, we can report some good news for vapers who travel … well, most of them. On July 9th, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said e-cigarettes of all varieties are now permitted in your carry-on luggage. That is, except for … Read More

E-Cigarette Use: The fallacy of puff counts


Now that we’ve successfully launched ClearDraw2, some of you may have noticed something different about the way we describe the cartridges. While we can safely say our newest product delivers more flavor, contains more liquid, and has no cotton filler … Read More

E-Cigarette Cartridges: Meet a Clear Leader


The electronic cigarette business can be competitive, to say the least. That’s why it’s exciting to be a part of a company that may have just shifted the playing field with our all-new cartridge design. Folks, meet ClearDraw2. – All-new … Read More

E-Cig Flavors: Snap out of your regular routine!


Did you know that each year, when those packs of young girls sell cookies in offices and supermarket doorways, more than 25% of adults choose the “slender” chocolate mint variety in their orders? It might be hard to believe such … Read More

E-Cigs and Health: Study shows e-cigarettes do not negatively affect acute heart function


E-cigarette enthusiasts, we might be getting closer to an answer. A new study published in the journal BMC Cardiovascular Disorders reports that electronic cigarettes do not adversely affect acute heart function. In the study, investigators measured and analyzed acute heart … Read More

7 Sins Committed by New E-Cig Users


As you’ve seen on these pages, defending the business and use of electronic cigarettes is practically a full-time job. And, as you have also seen, much of the defense comes from a lack of education on the part of the … Read More

White Cloud News: What happened to the kiosks?


As some of our customers may have noticed, there have been some recent White Cloud mall kiosk closings. And, we’re sure there are some people who are upset by this development. We apologize and hope you haven’t been inconvenienced by … Read More

E-Cigarettes and Youth: Addressing and preventing underage e-cig access

youth smoking

Let’s come right out and say it – if you’re younger than legal smoking age, we don’t want your business. And most, if not all, of our competitors would say the exact same thing. E-cigarettes are an adult product, and … Read More

E-Cig Marketing: Why prevent fires now when you can snuff them later?


Working in this industry, you can probably imagine the sheer amount of marketing and sales emails we get each day from small companies looking to connect with a bigger brand. Most of these emails are related to affiliate sales, product … Read More