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New e-cigarette user? Rechargeable vs. Disposable

New ecig user - rechargeable or disposable

Here at White Cloud, we love to talk about choice. And with good reason – no other e-cig company offers more options for flavors, nicotine strengths, Starter Kit varieties, etc. Basically, for people looking to get into e-cigarettes, if you … Read More

Are e-cigarette ingredients dangerous, or is the media?

Media more dangerous than e-cigs

According to a recent article for Forbes, new “evidence” has surfaced suggesting e-cigarette vapor contains the following items – some in even higher quantities than traditional tobacco smoke: -        Lead -        Zinc -        Nickel -        Chromium Let us put your … Read More

Lime & Coconut flavor available in ClearDraw2 cartridges

Lime & Coconut ClearDraw2 e-cig cartridges

The calendar may read “September,” but our latest ClearDraw2 flavor release shows a never-ending forecast of sunsets, tropical breezes and beachfront cocktails. That’s because our fan-favorite The Lime & the Coconut is now available in ClearDraw2 e-cigarette cartridges. This sublime … Read More

Should I Refill My White Cloud E-Cigarette Cartridges?

e-liquid refilling e-cig

Ahhhh, the million-dollar question from our blog readers – and one our Customer Service team answers regularly – why don’t we encourage users to refill our e-cigarette cartridges? The short answer is: They’re not designed for such use. The long … Read More

When Do I Change My E-Cigarette Cartridge?


Value. We all want it. Everyone claims to offer it. But sometimes, trying to squeeze a little extra value out of something can result in a negative experience. Take, for example, electronic cigarette cartridges. Whether you are a fan of … Read More

The True Cost Benefits of E-Cigs


Lately, we’ve been revisiting a lot of the things that new customers ask when deciding to make the switch. While many people want to know about flavors, or strengths, or whether or not our products “work,” no topic surfaces more … Read More

White Cloud Offices are CLOSED 9/1 for Labor Day


Just as a reminder, White Cloud offices will be closed Monday, September 1st for Labor Day, so our employees can spend time with family and friends. But don’t worry – your orders will be processed throughout the weekend, and shipping … Read More

Snap! Comes to ClearDraw2


The White Cloud flavor releases keep on coming, and this week, we’re proud to announce that Snap! – our indulgent cocoa and mint e-cig flavor – is now available in ClearDraw2 cartridges. If you’re already familiar with this refreshing e-cig … Read More

Do E-Cigs Hurt the Throat? [UPDATED]


Each day, we receive a number of queries about e-cig use, and whether or not vaping will hurt a user’s throat. It’s a popular discussion around here, and even though we covered this topic last year in Do Electronic Cigarettes … Read More

White Cloud Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

white cloud als ice bucket challenge

As you probably know, social media has been – pardon the pun – flooded with videos of people dumping large buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness for ALS – better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In … Read More