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Why Anti-Vaping Advocates Have The Upper Hand

Why Anti-Vaping Advocates Have The Upper Hand

Electronic cigarettes are still a relatively new technology that has not gone without controversy. As with any new technology, there will always be questions surrounding it and parties who are against it. In the e-cig world, new information, studies, and … Read More

Is Vaping Becoming More Mainstream?

White Cloud e-cigs are mainstream

Mainstream is a buzzword meant to measure the public’s acceptance of a product, or a service, or a movement. For every market or product —especially ones that grapple with criticism and derision—becoming mainstream isn’t just the goal. It’s the dream. … Read More

How To Become Part Of The Vaping Community

e-cig community

The vaping community is strong, diverse and active, which is great, but it’s also pretty spread out both socially and geographically, which can be less great. After all, meeting people can be hard enough without the added difficulty of finding … Read More

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