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How To Become Part Of The Vaping Community

e-cig community

The vaping community is strong, diverse and active, which is great, but it’s also pretty spread out both socially and geographically, which can be less great. After all, meeting people can be hard enough without the added difficulty of finding … Read More

E-Cig Flavor Fridays: Banana

e-cig flavor

It’s no surprise why the “banana” is one of the most popular flavors for ice cream, pancakes, muffins, pies, fritters, puddings, and – should we go on?   It’s versatile, nutritious, and tasty. Our customers go bananas over our Banana … Read More

E-Cig Flavor Friday: Just Guava

e-cig flavor

If you thought guava was just for those hot, sweltering summer days, think again.   Our e-cig flavor Just Guava is a top favorite among our valuable customers for good reason. Here’s what they’ve said:   “It has a good … Read More

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