The White Cloud Difference

Advanced technology and passionate customer service make White Cloud e-cigarettes stand out. Everyone loves our top quality products, money back guarantee and speedy shipping. Plus, all of our products are designed for convenience and priced for affordability, so there is something for everyone at White Cloud.

Cirrus 3X Atlantic-Cut Flavor

Why White Cloud?

It’s a matter of quality and choice. There are lots of places to buy e-cigarettes these days – so why choose White Cloud? That’s easy!

Long-Lasting E-Cig Cartridges

Enjoy vaping “to the MAX” with the longest-lasting prefilled e-cig cartridges on the market. Featuring a soft tip and e-liquid indicator window, ClearDraw MAX delivers 1.5 milliliters of quality e-liquid and is compatible with all of our Cirrus rechargeable e-cig batteries

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Innovative Disposable E-Cigs

Step into the world of convenient vaping with the longest lasting disposable e-cig ever made. Perfect for vapers on the go, The Fling Wide disposable e-cig delivers exceptional vapor with 3 milliliters of premium e-liquid.

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What Customers Are Saying About White Cloud


If you’re looking for White Cloud satisfaction in a more permanent package, check out our Cirrus Rechargeable Kits.

From e-cig batteries to a free 5 pack of pre-filled cartridges, our starter kits come with everything you need to start vaping.



If you're looking for vaping convenience, then look no further than our Fling disposable e-cigs.

Our innovative Fling disposable e-cigs are perfectly engineered and affordably priced to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.


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