Founded in 2008, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes has become a respected leader in the e-cigarette industry, distinguishing itself through innovative products, impeccable customer service, and a commitment to ongoing research and development.

See some of our company milestones below.

White Cloud Founders


  • White Cloud is founded by Matthew Steingraber, Danielle Steingraber and Michael Murray. Their first office? A Volkswagen.
  • White Cloud introduces the original, and still-beloved Cirrus batteries.


  • White Cloud enters the brave new world of social media, with its first Facebook page. Twitter soon followed.
  • Development begins on a longer-lasting, smoother drawing e-cig, soon to be known as Cirrus II.
White Cloud Social Media
Cirrus 2 Batteries


  • Cirrus II batteries and kits are introduced, offering significantly improved performance over its predecessor.


  • Not one to rest on its laurels, White Cloud introduces the Cirrus 3 and 3X batteries.
  • The Fling Disposable is launched. Customers of other e-cig brands have no idea what to do when given the option of more than 2 flavors and nicotine strengths.
White Cloud Cirrus 3 and Fling Disposables
E-Cig accessories and Vaping Kit


  • The ChargeBolt is released, in both short- and long-cable versions. The three-pronged Squid would show up later this year.
  • The limited-edition Phantom stealth vaping kit is released to 500 lucky customers. These exclusive kits are still hot commodities worldwide.
  • Welcome to the world, Bora Bora, Apache and Moscow Mule.


  • ClearDraw cartridges are introduced, as is the ultra-popular Fling MINI.
  • White Cloud enters a groundbreaking strategic research partnership with the University of South Florida.
  • White Cloud participates in/contributes to a number of collaborative studies within the (CORESTA) e-cigarette Task Force.
ClearDraw E-Cig Cartridges
White Cloud ClearDraw2 E-Cig Cartridges


  • White Cloud “moves on up” to its state-of-the-art new facilities in Tarpon Springs, FL..
  • Our Cleardraw2 e-liquid production and cartridge filling is moved exclusively to the USA.
  • The revolutionary ClearDraw2 e-cig cartridge is released, setting a new benchmark for performance and value.

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