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10 Pack of Fling Original - Disposable E-Cigs

Have electronic cigarettes raised your curiosity? Here is your chance to buy a 10 pack of Fling disposable e cigs and kiss your tobacco cigarettes goodbye!

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Price as configured: $44.95

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Price as configured: $44.95

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Product Description


    White Cloud's pack of ten Fling disposable e cigarettes is one of the most popular choices among e cig smokers for a variety of reasons. For one, it gives you the ability to mix and match your flavor options with innumerable combinations. Priced at only $44.95, each e-cig costs $4.50.

    The entire package is equivalent to approximately twenty packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. At the estimated national average price of cigarettes, twenty packs would cost about $110 after tax. With this discounted package price, your savings versus buying traditional cigarettes adds up to more than $70. 

    If you know which Fling disposable e cig you like best and want to stick to just one flavor, keep ten in your stash at work, in your purse, in the car or at home. Other value packages are available as well to suit your needs and lifestyle. You'll never have to worry about running out of your favorites when you order in multi-packs of 5, 10, 25 or 100. 

    Additional Information:

    Length: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
    Diameter: 3/8 inches (1 cm)
    Weight: 10 grams
    Liquid Volume: 1 ml
    Battery Type: LiPo
    Battery Life: 7-9 hours
    Charge Time: No charging
Product's Review
    1. In the 3 yrs of vaping WC, no problems Review by Marty

      I smoke the Cinnamon. I've tried other flavors but guess I'm too late for changes. Plus, doesn't give me 'smoker''s breathe'. My husband is a non-smoker.
      I'd never heard of vaping until running onto WC online somehow. @ 1st he didn't like the cost because b4, if I wanted my nicotine badly enough, smoked 20 pks of thin ciggars. $1.49 a pk. THEY WERE HORRIBLE BUT I NEEDED DARNED MY NICOTINE.
      My now deceased brother was a physician. He said, + others have too that nicotine is the hardest drug to get off of.

      But now after 20 yrs of marrige, I get my WC's + jewelry + he has an '89 BMW to restore. It all evens out.

      I ramble. I forgot the review. When running out when I'd first started vaping, found every flavor either horrible or no taste whatsoever.
      The quality + taste of WC is the finest I've ever had. My cinnamon is like a cinnnamon candy. I like getting my niootine fix w/o tasting it.
      My husband, + I'm glad, would rather pay a bit more for my Flings than mess around with batteries + such.
      " Just Smoke + Toss. "
      His whole attitude has changed since me starting WC. He used to carefully figure out 'Cost Effectiveness'. And If + when I'd smoke more than normally.
      He now doesn't care. He knows I'm happy.
      And the CS dept is gr8. They'll fix stuff I goof up. Like being told by Cassandra, when I was going to try the new 'Whata Melon", that what I was ordering was pretty srtong. Don't have that amt of nicotine. AND SHE WAS RIGHT! Gross beyond words, burned my throat. They allowed me to ship the other 9 back for my Good Old Cinnamon.
      But, seriously, the CS + everyone involved, even shipping, seems commited to pleasing the customer.
      I just discovered writing this review your site iss a lot more manuverable using our new office PC rather than the phone. (Posted on 11/25/2016)

    2. Love the flavors! Review by Tami

      I love the Flings! Cinnamon is a personal Favorite.
      The best things are -
      You don't stink like an ash tray & Neither does my car.
      There are no ashes & you never have to worry about weather or not you put your cigarette out. No fires! You never have to worry about a lighter - Less to carry.
      (Posted on 11/6/2016)

    3. Been vaping these since 10/13!! Review by Marti

      My husband as a nonsmoker, knows I can't + won't give up nicotine. I go thru a 10pk approx every month. Perhaps more if stressed or in pain.
      He's always defending me smoking these, bragging my smoking costs only about $50 monthly compared to what cartons of reg cigs are.
      He likes, as do I, me not smelling of smoke. Not subjecting our home, or 2 dogs to it.
      We like these reg Flings for the ease. When it's dead, simply toss + open a fresh one.

      I especially like that they look + feel like reg cigs. Light wt, the perfect length + feel in the fingers.
      PLUS, such a wide variety of flavors + strengths.
      My fear is WC will phase these out, then selling only their short, Double Wides.
      They differ in taste, also too short + heavy. Really hating it's cigar-like tip too.
      I used to think they should offer more discounts or coupons but no longer feel that necessary when again comparing their price to reg cigs.
      Add that to WC's #1 CS, AM fine with their price provided they don't raise the price again.
      When they have 15% off Flings, I'm allowed buying more than 10pks, but that's been awhile since offered.
      I've recommended these, even giving out occasional Flings. They've stupidly stuck with their nasty cigarette habit instead. STUPID PEOPLE + STUPID ME giving my perfect WC's to hopeless "Boneheads'. I won't do that ANYMORE. (Posted on 11/1/2016)

    4. 10 pack Review by Ninja

      Love Them!!! Just wish there was a discount on them every now and then.

      (Posted on 10/17/2016)

    5. Great Product Review by Dave L

      I really enjoy the flings, the huge selection of flavors is great! A bigger discount for bulk buying would be nice or a rewards program for frequent buyers but the disposables are fantastic! (Posted on 9/17/2016)

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    Rechargeable e-cigarette batteries, chargers and adapters are covered under limited manufacturer's warranty for 6 months from date of purchase. Cartridges and Fling disposables are covered by a separate no-defect guarantee. If your cartridge or Fling is defective, return the item(s) for testing with a copy of your receipt. If deemed defective, we'll replace it at no cost.

    Please visit our Warranty and Returns page for additional information.

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    White Cloud offers domestic and international delivery options to meet any need and budget. Simply select the appropriate option at checkout. UPS Overnight and Saturday delivery is available, priced according to the ZIP code used at checkout.

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